Chamber music

  1. Trio for Flute, Horn and Piano (PDF, MP3). First version posted 21/3/17.
  2. Sonata for Flute and Piano (MP3, PDF). First version posted 24/6/17, revised 17/1/18, 3/7/20.
  3. Big City, for wind band comprising flute, two clarinets, two alto saxophones, Bb cornet, two Bb trumpets, three horns, trombone and tuba (PDF, MP3). First version posted 3/2/17.
  4. Andante for Horn and Piano. ( PDF, MP3). First version posted 24/1/17, This version 15/3/23,
  5. Steppin’ Out, a duet for Clarinet and Piano (PDF, MP3, Clarinet part). First version posted 24/1/17.
  6. Suite for Brass Quintet (PDF, MP3), forĀ  two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba, comprising three movements, Puppet Dance, Solemn, and Chatter. First version posted 30/6/17. First posting of Puppet Dance 24/1/17.
  7. Bonbon Suite, a duet for two horns in three movements, Promenade, Berceuse, and Rondeau (PDF, MP3). First version posted 24/1/17.
  8. Theme and Variations for two horns and cello (PDF, MP3). First posted 3/2/17, this version 21/3/18.
  9. The Seasons. Clarinet and piano (PDF, MP3). First version posted 2/3/17, this version 8/2/19.
  10. Four Uneasy Pieces for String Quartet (MP3, PDF). First version posted 30/6/17.
  11. Horn Duets (MP3, PDF). Eight easy duets, first version posted 12/7/17.
  12. Wind Quintet No 1 for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon (PDF, MP3). First version posted 28/2/21, this version 21/2/22.
  13. Wind Quintet No 2 for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon (MP3, PDF). First posted 17/1/18.
  14. Sonata in C minor for horn and piano (MP3,PDF). First version posted 20/4/18
  15. Nocturne for three horns (MP3, pdf). First version posted 20/4/18.
  16. A Night Out. Horn trio (MP3,PDF). First version posted 22/5/18.
  17. Fantasia for Clarinet, Cello and Piano. (MP3, PDF). First version posted 10/10/18.
  18. String Quartet No 1 (MP3, PDF). First version posted 26/11/18. This version 3/7/20.
  19. Serenade (MP3, pdf). A trio for two oboes and cor anglais. First posted 15/3/19. This version 17/8/23. Arrangement for two violins and viola (PDF).
  20. Chiswick Suite (PDF, MP3). A quartet for flute, oboe, horn and bassoon. First posted 4/10/19.
  21. February March (PDF, MP3). A horn quartet. First posted 4/10/19.
  22. Natur (PDF, MP3). A suite of five short pieces for horn quartet, inspired by the outdoors. First posted 4/10/19, this version 7/6/23.
  23. Sonata for Horn and Cello (PDF,MP3). A sequence of four short pieces for this combination. First version posted 22/6/20, this version 8/8/20.
  24. Three Pieces for Horn and Piano (PDF, MP3). First version posted 16/5/21.
  25. Serenade for Horn and Piano (PDF, MP3). First version posted 16/5/21.
  26. Serenade for Brass Quintet (PDF, MP3). First posted 16/5/21.
  27. Sonata for Violin and Cello (PDF,MP3). First posted 14/11/21.
  28. Lead me Lord (PDF, MP3). An arrangement of Samuel Sebastian Wesley’s beautiful anthem for brass quintet. First posted 22/5/22.
  29. Fanfare: In Memoriam. A short fanfare for brass quintet. (PDF, MP3). First posted 23/11/22
  30. Suite a Sept. A suite of four pieces for brass septet (PDF, MP3). First posted 16/2/23.
  31. Weekend. A suite for brass quintet (PDF, MP3). First posted 8/4/24.
  32. Variations on an Ancient Theme, for string quartet. (PDF, MP3). First posted 8/4/24.